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Take time to read about the artist you are contemplating for services. Remember, sometimes quality of work but without proper safety and hygiene is not well worth the extra time spent. Major positives to look for:


Performed over 1000's of treatments




Licensed or Permitted (depending on state and county)

Inform you of the risks as any properly licensed in cosmetic permanent tattoo


Should be a cosmetic tattoo artist, not a tattoo artist for body art


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Q: How Realistic is Scalp Micropigmentation?
A: Although there is nothing in this world that is “perfect”, with the artistry and technique we use, you cannot tell that that someone has had SMP even up close. It depends on the skill of your technician. Some results are better than others, and vary significantly depending on who they were trained and by whether or not they had hands on or online training. Make sure to ask what type of training they’ve had and for a professional reference.

When you choose Microhair Studio by Trinh Mai for your treatment, you can count on receiving excellent standard of procedure available. Thorough training from the world’s innovator of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) combined with extensive hands-on experience to achieve treatments so realistic, even the client find it hard to distinguish where their real hair ends and the Scalp Micropigmentation hair begins. It gives you the look of a permanent 5 o’clock shadow.

Q: How many hairs do you place in every session?
As many as 14,000 tattooed hair follicles through our advanced placement technique. During the procedure we cover the hairline, top, crown and front using blending technique.

Q: What are factors which effect longevity of permanent cosmetics?

A: These natural and chemical factors, but not limited to, should be kept away from treated areas; however, some are inevitable:

  • Skin type: thickness of skin, scarring of skin and excessively dry skin. Oilier skin can fade faster.
  • Use of these kinds of substances and treatments will require additional maintenance in years to come: facials, peels, laser treatments, Ultra-violet (UV) exposure from sun or tanning booths, smoking, injectables and various drugs &medication including Alpha-hydroxy, Retin-A, and glycolic acids. All anti-aging skin care products have these components in their formulations.

Sunblock SPF 40 will greatly prolong the effective life of these procedures.

Q: What if it fades?
The Scalp Micropigmentation process requires two to three treatments at least 14-30 days in between to get the color shade just right. Each individual absorbs some pigment at different rates. For the first 12 months we offer touch ups if there is any fading (see your quote for touch up rate). Your finished Scalp Micropigmentation process should last years before needing a touch up, but everyone is different. Some clients love having minor touch ups annually for a perfect look.

Q: What if my hair turns gray?
First, most clients are recommended to have their hair to a short buzzed length before the treatment.The follicle from most hair colors (including white) has a bit of gray when you shave close to the skin. For example, blonde men with a buzz cut will have a gray shade at the follicle. However, with the buzz cut, gray hair does not appear as gray because the hair root itself is darker. Hair only shows gray as it gets longer. In addition, we use a gray-scale pigment that can be adjusted in shade to blend with lighter hair tones. We simply create a lighter dilution for blending into the existing gray hairs. If you have dark hair now and it turns gray later on in life, the lighter shade from your 1st treatment will blend regardless of hair color change.


Q: Is this considered a safe process?
Yes. At Microhair Studio, it is a safe process as it’s conducted by a trained professional who is educated and follows the proper sanitation and sterilization procedures. WE DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS AS SAFETY & HYGIENE ARE PRIORITIES FOR OUR CLIENTS, THE STUDIO & OURSELVES! We practice only safety and hygienic methods according to Santa Clara County, CA State and Federal Health codes. All needles are brand new (unopened) sterile for one-time use and only all-disposable materials are used during the procedure. All used needles are disposed in a Sharps container when the treatment is completed. All areas the client and the artist comes in contact with during the procedure has safety guards and barrier film to protect all surfaces from contamination. Our clients’ health and safety will continue to be safeguarded to the highest standards. After leaving, it is then the client’s responsibility to care for the procedure strictly adhering to the post treatment instructions, assuring normal healing and the prevention of an infection.

Q: Is the equipment safe?
Microhair Studio’s approach to permanent makeup is thorough, safe and hygienic. With stringent control standards, we are constantly up-to-date with Santa Clara County, CA State and Federal Health codes meanwhile using the safest and highest sterile quality medical-grade equipments, anesthetics, and organic colorants to ensure the best outcome for our clients.​ Tools used are packaged as sterile and then opened in front of the clients as sterile at the time of use. We use the most superior quality needle in the market to achieve the utmost realistic replication of hair follicles.

Correct needle types, power settings and approved pigments and compounds are always used.​ Our topical anesthetic (numbing solution) on broken skin is the safest and most effective.​​ The After-Care product helps to quickly heal the skin, prevent scars and infections. Please use as directed, for best treatment results.​ WE DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS OR BUY CHEAP PRODUCTS AS SAFETY, HYGIENE AND QUALITY OF HEALING ARE PRIORITIES TO OUR CLIENT!

Q: What size of needles do you use?
We use a quarter of the 3-round needle for implanting colour pigments connected to a high quality Scalp Micropigmentation or “permanent cosmetic” gun.

Q: Will your pigments make my tattooed brows turn blue or green?
No, they’re high-quality and do not turn blue or green over time. They’ve been successful overtime on thousands of clients and stayed true to their safety. Our supplier time and time again provides consistent quality results.

Q: What is a contraindication?

A: In medicine, a contraindication ( is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain treatment due to the harm that it would cause the patient.

  • Absolute Contraindication: hemophilia, blood thinners on prescription.
  • Relative Contraindications: diabetic on the needle (increased risk of infection & slow to heal), allergies, blood thinners like Aspirin or Vitamin E.

See more information at Microhair Studio’s “Health Considerations”.

Q: I had Botox on my forehead, is that ok?
If you are having a new hairline with SMP, it’s ok as long as it’s 4 weeks before your treatment as it takes that amount of time for the muscle be relaxed. We don’t want your forehead to droop along with your new hairline if you didn’t wait long enough for the Botox to kick in. Make sure to clearly advise your scalp specialist so that scheduling doesn’t coincide. If you are not having a new hairline at all, you can have botox in any area other than the treatment zone.

Q: What if I am taking a blood thinner?
Excessive bleeding, caused by blood thinners or a health problem, pushes the pigment out as quickly as it is being implanted. The technician will ensure a medical history form is completed in order to vet clients for contraindications.If an individual wants to have permanent makeup and is on blood thinners, then they should be discontinued for a week prior to and a few days after their appointment. If aspirin has been recommended by a physician, then the doctor should be consulted prior to stopping any blood thinner. Prescribed medication is an absolute contraindication, in other words, permanent makeup should not proceed.

Q: Will Scalp Micropigmentation damage hair follicles?
A: No. The natural hair follicles are much deeper in the scalp than the pigment is placed.

Q: What is the potential for medical problems to arise after a procedure?
A: Very rare, especially with the health standards and precise methods of sanitation and sterilization used today. Allergic reactions to permanent cosmetic procedures are extremely rare. Pre and Post procedural instructions, if followed carefully, will completely eliminate any risk.

Q: Is it painful, does it hurt?
The application of Scalp Micropigmentation is usually quite painless. There may be a little discomfort in more sensitive regions such as the temples, but most people report only very mild sensitivity during their procedure. We offer our own anesthetic numbing solution for women who may be concerned about any discomfort only unless necessary, although for most people it really isn’t.


Q: How do I prepare my skin for my appointment?”
For the best results, please ensure that the specific area is healthy, moisturized, and free from irritations and blemishes prior to your procedure. If the skin area is damaged or “open” it is best to wait for it to heal first. MOISTURIZED, CALM SKIN IS ESSENTIAL. AVOID RETINOLS, EXFOLIANTS, AND DRYING AGENTS. If your skin is dry, irritated or “flared up,” it is detrimental to the procedure as this prevents optimal retention. Please take care, be advised and prepare accordingly. For full details, see your attachment in you email once you have booked your 1st session. See here for the basics:

Q: Do you buzz cut my hair before the Scalp Micropigmentation or should I buzz it myself?
It’s up to you, but we cut it down free of charge at the beginning of any treatment!

Q: Can I have a test area done before going forward with the treatment?
Yes. We can do an area about 1” x 1” in scars so that the person gets comfortable with the way it looks. We can also test a small area (approx 1″ x 1″) where the balding scalp meets the side hair. Patch test is only 1 session, not 3, so do not judge the healed result as the final result. You can book your patch test here:

Q: What are some concerns with Scalp Micropigmentation for long hair?
If you have larger balding spots or your hairline is not intact, you may want to consider a full Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.


Q: When can I return to work?
Most clients return to work immediately. You will appear to have a full head of hair that has a closely shaved look. Your scalp may look slightly pink, somewhat similar to a sunburn. If that’s the case, it will fade out within 24-48 hours. This is more pronounced in patients with a light skin color. The pigment may also appear more pronounced until you wash your scalp and remove the excess pigment three days later. Depending on each patient and the type of skin, the pigment may fade as it settles in, thus, you may need more touch-ups, so that the shade and color is just right.

Q: What should I do after the application?
Your artist will provide you with detailed specialized instructions for your skin type at your appointment. It is highly beneficial to follow these instructions to ensure a comfortable healing process and to achieve the best results.

Q: How long should I wait after the treatment before shaving my head using a razor?
A minimum of 14 days as your scalp still needs to heal on its own post the treatment. In the meantime, you can buzz 5 days after all of your SMP treatments.

Q: How often will I need to shave?
For the freshly-shaved or buzz cut look, you can shave everyday to every other day depending on our treatment plan.

Q: Can I still use Propecia and/or Rogaine after my treatment?
Clients can continue using Propecia during and after their scalp pigmentation procedure. Rogaine (topical minoxidil) should be suspended during the course of treatment and for 14-30 days post any SMP session(s). This is to ensure the proper healing and settling of pigment without interference of the chemicals found in Rogaine foam.


Q: Can I get permanent makeup cheaper than your prices?
Yes, but more important than price is QUALITY.Our price reflects our commitment to quality, work ethics, safety, hygiene, service and expertise.When choosing a permanent makeup professional, you are choosing an artist that you invest in your long term results, so chose the best professional that meets your standards.

Q: What is your Late policy?
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may have to forfeit your deposit and your procedure may need to be rescheduled because the lost time cannot be easily made up and be given the same quality of work without running into someone else’s appointment. Please understand that the treatments need their allocated time to get the best result possible, we cannot rush or cut corners. If rescheduling or cancelling becomes necessary then the cancellation fee will apply. Arriving later than the grace period may result in forfeit of deposit.If you expect to be running late however, please call and let us know and we will do our best to see if your appointment can be switched with a later one. View the rest of the fees here at “Payment and Fees“.

Q: What is your Cancellation, Rescheduling and No-Show policy?
View the rest of the fees here at “Payment and Fees” and or in your Quote terms.


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