Welcome to our gallery of images and video that show the differences between clients before & after scalp micropigmentation. The below images and video truly highlight how affective SMP can be in relation to people’s confidence and overall happiness, which is the reason we here at Microhair Studio do what we do!


I’m speechless…
You know when you’re kind of like in shock? Yeah…that’s how I feel right now. Ahaha.
This is f****** real.


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I thought it was going to be painful. I didn’t feel any pain. I fell asleep for a while. […] Finally I feel free, I don’t have to worry about what I have on the back of my neck. Now the complex will go away. I think they should definitely do this because it will boost their confidence. […]


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Holy sh**!
It looks good.
I like it.
I really do like it.
It’s cool.
Looks good. Wow…
[high fives wife]


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