Hair Thinning & Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is one of the most anxiety-inducing nightmares conceivable & the disturbing truth is around half of women will experience thinning as they begin to creep over the age of 50. However, for some women, female pattern baldness and other Alopecia’s can take its hold at any age. It will not be particularly conspicuous on all women, yet for the unfortunate few, it’s not only noticeable – it simply crushes their self-esteem.

When we think of pattern baldness we often associate it with bald patches along with hairlines that are receding. With pattern baldness in men, this is certainly the case. Women, on the contrary, have a tendency for overall thinning alongside a reduction of volume. Scalp Micropigmentation for women is an ideal match for creating the appearance of density, deeming it the perfect overall solution for varying types of female hair loss.

Why Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment whereby natural pigments are implanted into the skin at the secondary epidermal level in the form of tiny dots. The results are the replication of hair follicles and strands which serve to conceal the hair loss and provide a fusion with the existing hair.

It’s a fact that female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia as it’s also known, is the most commonly diagnosed cause of hair loss in women. Its typical progression is a reduction of volume in the center of the scalp – often visible by a widening of a woman’s hair parting. Given the nature of female pattern baldness progression, Scalp Micropigmentation is a particularly effective solution for the disorder which restores not only hair loss but also paves the way to rebuilding self-esteem.

The Damaging Consequences of Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is one of those subject matters that are very rarely discussed. In addition to the silence, there’s a common assumption that it only happens to those of a certain generation – which just isn’t the case. There is a myriad of causes and reasons behind hair thinning and unfortunately, some disorders are simply irreversible.

But no matter the explanations behind female hair loss, the resulting psychological damage sits uncomfortably, probably because it’s just such an incredibly emotional matter. Society & culture has conditioned us to believe that a woman’s hair is a sign of her femininity. To the outside world, a full head of hair represents health & youth which is why Scalp Micropigmentation is a huge relief to female hair loss sufferers. The results are not only holistic and safe but are instant, offering relief that can provide a woman with the starting point she needs in rebuilding and taking back the life she’ll invariably feel that is lost.